The fact that the IT is characterized by constant changes is not surprising to anyone. In recent years, new technologies and new requirements have also entered the publishing industry and have presented publishing houses with new challenges.

Fly Digit offers a mutually beneficial solution. We have many years of experience in publishing industry. On this elementary basis, we have acquired, and are constantly expanding, skills in the field of e-publishing, new technologies, Adobe Environment, Extensions, and requirements such as Accessibility and WCAG for users with disabilities.


We offer technology consulting services on every topic in the publishing and e-publishing industry. We will be happy to relieve you, share our experiences, dispel doubts and together find solutions to the issues that bother you. All so that you do not have to follow the trails that we have already paved.

Customized solutions

Our innovative and cutting-edge digital publishing technology solutions are something we are really proud of. We build our proprietary editing tools to provide alternatives not available with those ordinary tool options. Sometimes that exact dimension you require might be missing.

If so, simply turn to us for customized solutions. We can develop a dedicated tool to effortlessly convert all complex data (mathematical formulas, tables, graphics, marginalia) and eliminate the need to do it by hand.


What you can expect from us:


Easy ordering


High-end proprietary tools


Consultation and tool tests


Close cooperation with our engineers


Products delivered on time and with budget

transformation technology

We innately understand the publishing process and we’re proud of our advancements in terms of automation and optimisation. We integrate traditional typesetting (DTP) in Adobe InDesign with other processes based on IT systems.

We have experience in creating software for conversion of the following formats:

  • EPUB
  • accessible PDF
  • non-standard e-book formats
  • any other format fully compliant with associated educational platforms


Our own in-house editing tools and specialised solutions we use to automate the content conversion process are made possible thanks to the following technologies and programming languages:

HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, XML, ExtendScript, Go, Node, Java, Rust, TypeScript, WebAssembly
Adobe Extension, EPUB, PDF, MathML, TeX, LaTex, Next.js, Nest.js, React, Tauri, Go Gin

We develop and implement technology which allows us to duplicate layouts with up to 100% accuracy of original printed books for EPUB e-readers like the iBook or Google Book.

WCAG-accessible projects

We produce software that converts publications designated for printing into electronic documents with accessibility layers - and it’s all in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guideline.

We understand how to add:


Semantics Reflecting the Document’s Logical Structure




Alternative Texts

and can easily convert:


Math Formulas to Accessible Alternatives


Graphics and Multimedia to Required Formats

outsourcing IT

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It is not easy to stay up-to-date on technology and have access to all kinds of domain skills necessary to work in dynamic industries. Especially in the IT and, as it turned out in recent years, also in the publishing industry, which has been gradually entering the new digital world for some time now.

One of the most effective ways to deal with such a situation is to cooperate with an external supplier and outsource individual processes or parts of them.

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Fly Digit is one of the most respected IT managed services providers in today's market. The best proof of this is fruitful and longstanding partnerships with our clients in for instance Scandinavia and France.

We provide a variety of services, from process services to the maintenance of online platforms and other eSolutions.

We have the equipment and the experience to easily and efficiently convert any content in complete compliance with the online learning platform of choice.

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